April 2024 Donations

April 2024 Donations

We are happy to share the news with you that a portion of profits from our April 2024 sales will be donated to the Trevor Project. Shop HIRA knowing your sparkle can help someone else sparkle!

Together, we can make sure that LGBTQ+ young people who need support know they are not alone. Your support will help us provide them with the affirmation and love they deserve. Your gift also helps Trevor to:

  • Advocate against anti-LGBTQ+ laws and work with policymakers to pass legislation to protect LGBTQ+ youth
  • Connect LGBTQ+ peers through TrevorSpace, a safe space social networking site
  • Conduct original research to capture the unique experiences of LGBTQ+ young people

To donate to the Trevor Project directly or learn more about their organization, click here.

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